THE EXOTIC ONES: Book + Blu-ray Bundle (PRE-ORDER)

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THE EXOTIC ONES: Book + Blu-ray Bundle (PRE-ORDER)

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Product Information


Nicolas Winding Refn presents

THE EXOTIC ONES - That Fabulous Film-Making Family from Music City, USA - The Ormonds

by Jimmy McDonough



Buy both Ormonds extravaganzas together and save 10% off the combined price compared to buying the The Exotic Ones book package and the From Hollywood to Heaven Blu-ray box set separately! For details of the Blu-ray please see the separate listing for that item by clicking here - all text below refers to the book package, which can also be purchased as a standalone item by clicking here.




The latest in the exclusive, and much sought-after, series of book collaborations between byNWR and FAB Press (Pre-Orders include bonus book and signature plate!)

PLEASE NOTE: All previous FAB Press collaborations with byNWR have sold out quickly, and are now much-sought-after high-priced collector’s items!


PRE-ORDER NOW: Release date 30 May 2023.

Important note: This item will not ship until the release date, but your payment will be taken immediately upon completion of your order


June. Ron. Tim. Together they were the Ormond Organization, a Nashville mother-father-son trio who cranked out a wild bunch of movies, from Lash LaRue westerns to the stripper-gore-musical outrage THE EXOTIC ONES, then, finally… Baptist extravaganzas. The Ormonds plunged into every area of showbiz, from vaudeville to drive-in movies to Christian filmmaking. They did it all on a shoestring –  by themselves, with no studio to back them.

Theirs was a glittery world like no other. Populated by inebriated cowboys … spook-show mentalists … non-acting country stars … UFO testifiers … men in gorilla suits … fire-breathing, mud-wrestling ex-strippers … egocentric magicians … rockabilly monsters … sweaty preachers … pint-sized evangelists. Not to mention a con artist or ten.

At the height of their frenzied career Ron and June experienced a spiritual awakening after their private plane crashed on the way to a premiere. The Ormonds turned their back on secular show business to produce a series of shocking, surreal religious pictures, including an unbelievable trio of films for Mississippi Baptist preacher Estus Pirkle – such as THE BURNING HELL, which made millions without ever being shown in an actual movie theater. The inside story on the three Ormond-Pirkle religious pictures has never been told – until now.

Forensic biographer Jimmy McDonough interviewed June Ormond extensively and she revealed things she told no other soul. June was the guiding force of the family, a woman who held her own in the cutthroat male-dominated world of film production and distribution. Her commentary is hilarious, brutally honest and at times heartbreaking.

Presented by Nicolas Winding Refn, and released to coincide with Powerhouse Films’ publication of From Hollywood to Heaven, a four-disc Blu-ray box set of thirteen films by the Ormond Family, The Exotic Ones is a landmark work by Jimmy McDonough, and a beautifully designed feast for the eyes.


  • Luxurious large format quarter-bound hardcover book in heavy duty slipcase with ribbon page marker and gold page edges
  • Nearly forty years in the making
  • Highest possible production values
  • Extraordinary design and layout, contains over 800 photos
  • Limited Collector’s Edition of just 1,500 copies



All Pre-Orders placed directly with FAB Press come with a FREE BONUS BOOK

Georgette Dante is a big part of THE EXOTIC ONES, and we want to pay tribute to her with a bonus book – Jimmy McDonough’s classic byNWR Georgette Dante profile in vintage paperback form! Georgette has done it all, seen it all, and tells all! Tales of the carnival! Las Vegas glamour! Murder! Magic! Crazy carnies! Being buried with snakes and wrestling alligators!! Mudwrestling! Romances with Al ‘Grandpa Munster’ Lewis and Pat ‘Mr. Haney’ Buttrum! Getting high with Bob Hope! Run-ins with the Mob! It’s wild! It’s unhinged! It’s Georgette!!! This exclusive bonus book, printed on pulp stock in glorious black and white, will NOT be for sale separately and is ONLY available direct from FAB Press as part of this special, one-time-only pre-order limited edition! It’s NOW or NEVER! Once they're gone, they're GONE!!!


Also exclusive to Pre-Orders placed direct with FAB Press, accompanying the book will be a plate signed by Nicolas Winding Refn and Jimmy McDonough that can either be affixed to the inside of THE EXOTIC ONES book or kept separate as a valuable keepsake. Don’t miss out!



About the Author

Jimmy McDonough is a biographer and journalist. He has written biographies of Neil Young, Tammy Wynette, Al Green, Russ Meyer and Andy Milligan. TIME magazine declared his Milligan biography The Ghastly One  “a masterpiece” and John Waters repeatedly names it one of his all-time favorites. McDonough has also authored profiles on Jimmy Scott, Gary Stewart, Hubert Selby, Jr. and Link Wray. Jimmy is Editor-In-Chief of Nicolas Winding Refn’s acclaimed website


Technical Details

Trimmed Page Size: 340mm x 310mm

Binding: Hardcover with Slipcase

Extent: 360 pages, printed in colour throughout, with 820 illustrations

ISBN: 978-1-913051-18-1

FAB Press direct sales shipping date: 30 May 2023

Book Trade street date: 24 August 2023

Market: Biography / Cinema / Theater

Book package weight: 5150g

Entire package weight inc Blu-Ray: 5750g

Edition: First Pressing, Collector's Edition


Product CodeExoticOnes-BookBluBundle
ManufacturerFAB Press
Stock Level275

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