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FAB Press was formed by Harvey Fenton in 1993 with the publication of the first issue of Flesh & Blood magazine. By 1995 the magazine was established internationally as one of the major forces in the cult cinema press arena. Having published other magazine titles, including Diabolik and Eyeball, FAB Press unleashed its first book in 1997. Wes Craven's Last House on the Left was a success both critically (three Book of the Month awards upon publication) and commercially, and its success laid the foundations for the steady expansion of FAB Press into the 21st Century, at all times maintaining the primary aim of producing informative and lavishly illustrated cinema books.

FAB Press is a fiercely independent publishing house, dedicated to producing illustrated books of the highest possible quality. Unburdened by the constraints of larger book publishing concerns, FAB Press is willing and able to go the extra mile in giving the most marginal of subjects the sort of treatment usually reserved for only the most commercial mainstream subjects. Harvey has been collecting illustrated cinema books since he was 10 years old, and is convinced that it was inevitable that he would end up publishing them.

Now, after two decades at the cutting-edge of quality cinema book publication, FAB Press continues to expand its horizons. To make sure you keep up with new books as and when they are released, either bookmark this website, hook up with us on FACEBOOK or TWITTER or INSTAGRAM, or join our mailing list by clicking the following link: Sign-up to our mailing list today in order to receive our regular newsletter... We are fully compliant with GDPR regulations, so this is a double opt-in system, and we will never share your details with anyone.


This website is the shop window of FAB Press Limited. In addition to promoting and selling all currently available FAB Press books, details of all forthcoming FAB Press titles are also shown so you can see what you have to look forward to.

Aside from being a point of information and sales point for FAB Press books, FAB Press Online is also a mailorder website, selling a superb hand-picked selection of exploitation movies on DVD and Blu-Ray, the selected soundtrack CDs, a few books by other publishers, plus a host of inspirational underground movie magazines, and some stunning T-shirts.


Harvey Fenton
Owner, Editorial Director, Book Designer.
Formed FAB Press in 1993. Oversees the production of all FAB Press titles from acquisition through to printing. Co-writer and editor of the following FAB Press books: Flesh & Blood Book One, Cannibal Holocaust and the savage cinema of Ruggero Deodato, Ten Years of Terror, Flesh & Blood Compendium, Shock! Horror!, and Flesh & Blood Volume 2.

Francis Brewster
Book Production Assistant, Financial Controller.
Joined FAB Press in 2002. Francis has contributed to several genre publications, including Shock! Horror! and The Art of the Nasty and carries out indexing and proofing work on all FAB Press books. His pre-cert UK video database is now available online, and he enjoys re-discovering older movies on DVD.

Marc Morris
FAB Press website designer.
His very first website (back in 1998) was that of FAB Press, after convincing Harvey he needed a web site too long ago to remember. Marc runs his own DVD and Blu-Ray distribution company Nucleus Films. Marc contributed most of the stunning images of rare British videotapes to the books Shock! Horror! and The Art of the Nasty available now from FAB Press.


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