Shock Cinema 62

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Shock Cinema 62

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Shock Cinema is an essential guide for any fan of bizarre films and videos, and each issue is crammed with movie reviews, interviews and original poster art. Plus, Shock Cinema covers everything a self-respecting film-junkie could possibly desire - from Cult Movies and Arthouse Oddities, to old fashioned Drive-In Swill and Underground Obscurities. Read Shock Cinema to find out about the weirdest, wildest (and in most cases, barely released) films ever made... Blaxploitation, Sexploitation, Demented Art Films, Women In Prison, Horror, Sci-Fi, Porno Weirdness, Musical Misfires, Mondo Movies, and everything else in between. It's all here!


Issue 62 features exclusive interviews with:
Actress Adrienne Barbeau (Creepshow, Escape From New York, Swamp Thing, Maude).
Actor Cliff DeYoung (The Hunger, Blue Collar, F/X, Shock Treatment, Secret Admirer).
Actress Wendy Schaal (The 'Burbs, Innerspace, American Dad!, Where the Boys Are '84).
Actor Richard Cox (Cruising, King of the Mountain, Seizure, Between the Lines).
Writer-Director Nicholas Meyer (Star Trek II; The Wrath of Khan, The Day After).

There are also dozens of informative and entertaining film, DVD and Blu-ray reviews, including Clu Gulager in Gangsterfilmen; Kim Milford in Song Of The Succubus and Rock-A-Die Baby; Richard Harrison and Judi West in Fantabulous Inc.; George Hamilton, Olga Schoberová and Peter Lawford in Togetherness; Deirdre Lenihan and Jennifer O'Neill in Alexander Singer's Glass Houses; Christopher McDonald in Bums; Yves Montand and Katharine Ross in Chance And Violence [Le Hasard el la Violence]; Aleksandr Ptushko's Ilya Muromets [The Sword and the Dragon]; George Segal in Ivan Passer's Born To Win; George Mihalka's Pinball Summer [a.k.a. Pick-Up Summer]; Jeremiah Kipp's Slapface; Adam Faith in What a Whopper; John Agar in The Brain From Planet Arous; Carla Gravina in Alberto De Martino's The Antichrist; Joey Travolta in Sunnyside; Frederic Polizine's Oeil Pour Oeil; Dusan Makavejev's The Coca Cola Kid; Dialing... For Dingbats!; Cassandra Delaney in Fair Game... Christipher Joy, Jayne Kennedy and Tobar Mayo in Big Time; Wim Verstappen's VD; Lino Ventura in Claude Pinoteau's Escape To Nowhere [Le Silencieux]; Laura Hunt in Teresa Sparks' Over the Summer; Ulli Lommel's Strangers in Paradise; Rod Browning in Herowork [a.k.a. The Life and Times of the Chocolate Killer]; Václav Vorliček's You are a Widow, Sir! [Pane, Vy Jste Vdova!]; Nathalie Baye and John Shea in Honeymoon [Lune di Miel]; Terence Hill and Marvelous Marvin Hagler in Virtual Weapon [Cyberflic]; David Rains in Tim Thomson's No Resistance; The Rolling Stones in Peter Clifton's Popcorn; Grant Page and Sorcery in Stunt Rock; Paul Jones in Peter Watkins' Privilege; Jean-Jacques Rousseau's The Star of Evil [L'Etoile Du Mal]; Valerie Hobson in No Exit [a.k.a. No Escape]; Robert Hoffmann, Janet Leigh and Klaus Kinski in Grand Slam; Three Fables About Villa Ocampo [Tres Fabulas de Villa Ocampo]; Robert Deubel's Girls Nite Out; and much more...


Technical Details

Size: 280mm x 215mm

Binding: Magazine

Extent: 48 pages

Publication Date: October 2022

Market: Cinema

Weight: 255g

Cover Price: $7.00

Product CodeShockCin-62
ManufacturerSteve Puchalski
Stock Level1

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