NUTRITION Brought to Life

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NUTRITION Brought to Life

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NUTRITION Brought to Life


Author Signed Edition when you buy direct from Alchimia Publishing, an imprint of FAB Press

Personally autographed by author Kirsten Chick, this Collector's Edition is only available by ordering here, direct from Alchimia Publishing, an imprint of FAB Press.


"I was really delighted to come across Nutrition Brought to Life by Kirsten Chick, which is clearly tuned in to the latest scientific evidence on diet, and also feels inspiring, compassionate and achievable for the reader. It’s a book that I’m sure would be really helpful for a lot of people.
— Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall


“It’s practical, it’s helpful, and it’s going to go right up there amongst the front runners in books that I’d recommend to people looking to embrace lifestyle and integrative medicine.”
— Robin Daly, Yes to Life Show, UK Health Radio




A Practical, Personal Guide to Nutrition

This complete guide to nutrition cuts through the confusion, and brings the science and research to life. At the same time, each chapter provides opportunities to reflect, explore new ways of eating and thinking about food, and try new recipes. So rather than imposing strict rules that may only work for a few people, it helps you to find your way – with clear guidance and a myriad of useful tips and support.

Nutrition is not just about what food to put on your plate, but how well you digest, absorb and use it. It’s also about how food makes you feel, physically, mentally and emotionally. Kirsten takes you through every step of the process, and explains how diet impacts every aspect of your health and well-being. Learn how to:

• Use proteins, carbohydrates, fats and other nutrients to your advantage, with an in-depth understanding of what they do and how to eat them

• Improve digestion and your relationship with food

• Increase energy and vitality

• Reduce inflammation and strengthen your immune system

• Nourish your microbiome (including gut bacteria)

• Support your gut-brain-adrenal triangle

• Cook 50 new recipes

• Support your detoxification processes

Packed with essential information to help stave off chronic illness and unhappiness, and keep you enjoying life for longer. The number one resource for anyone who wants to support their health through nutrition, as well as a complete handbook for nutrition students and health practitioners.


“Using Kirsten’s nutritional advice as a way to take control of my diet has been a liberating experience. I feel more energised and healthy from the inside out as I am finally absorbing the nutrients my body really needs.”
Laura C


About the Author

Kirsten Chick is a nutritional therapist with a passion for food, science and feeling great. Since qualifying in 2003, she has gained a reputation as an exceptional therapist and inspiring teacher. Alongside her busy practice, she is a college lecturer, and has written courses on nutrition and pathophysiology, fertility and pregnancy, and general nutrition. Kirsten has been called “queen of the analogy” and is often praised for bringing the science of nutrition to life. She’s also a whizz in the kitchen, and regularly blogs her recipes alongside health and nutrition tips.


Technical Details

Size: 240mm x 170mm
Binding: Hardcover
Extent: 312 pages, illustrated throughout in colour
ISBN: 978-1-9993061-2-0
Publication Dates: 19 August 2020
Market: Health & Fitness, Self-Help, Well-Being, Nutrition, Cookery
Weight: 1.24kg
Edition: First Edition
Cover Price: £20.00 (UK) / $30.00 (US)

Product CodeNutrition-Alchimia
Stock Level6

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