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Sleazy Slice 7

Product Details

  • Manufacturer Robin Bougie
  • Stock Level In stock

The annual comix anthology devoted to debauchery. Adults Only!

I hope you like filth, BECAUSE I'M GOING TO RAM IT INTO YOU! 64 pages of it!

That's right, it's time for Sleazy Slice #7! Just when you thought 7 massive issues of this garbage was impossible, we up and shitted out some more. This issue has piles of my work in it, including a bunch of illustrations and a comic called BADDASS ASSASSIN that Maxine Frank and I teamed up on. We like the title because it has the word "ass" in it three times. We're immature like that.

Other amazing contributors include: SCAR, Wes Crum, Hans Rickheit, John Howard, and the mysterious "Carl". You won't go home unhappy, I'll inform you of that!

Technical Details

Size: 260mm x 170mm

Binding: Magazine

Extent: 64 pages

Publication Date: February 2014

Weight: 155g

Cover Price: $6.00

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