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Sleazy Slice 4

Product Details

  • Manufacturer Robin Bougie
  • Stock Level In stock

The annual comix anthology devoted to debauchery. Adults Only!

Well, this is the final issue for at least a couple years (I'm taking a break to concentrate on other projects) and so I decided to make this one the best and sleaziest issue! Sleazy Slice #4 is the culmination of the best artists working in the adult comics underground that I can find, namely Australia's SCAR, Argentina's David Paleo, Canada's Dexter Cockburn and Rick Trembles, and Josh Simmons and Patrick Keck from the good old US of A. I myself have also supplied what I consider to be one of the most entertaining comics I've ever done, a totally debauched 14 page testicle-drainer called "The Men's Room". This issue is a must, and at 68 whopping pages, its the biggest SS of all!

Technical Details

Size: 260mm x 170mm

Binding: Magazine

Extent: 68 pages

Publication Date: April 2010

Weight: 155g

Cover Price: $6.00

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