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Is It Uncut? 20

Product Details

  • Manufacturer Midnight Media
  • Stock Level In stock

Is It Uncut? issue 20 reviews the following exploitation films: Murder to the Tune of Seven Black Notes, Bloody Friday, Summertime Killer, Scorpion Thunderbolt, The Flesh Eaters, Las Sicodelicas, Virgin Among the Living Dead, Hipnos, Do You Like Hitchcock?, Grimm, Crown of Iron, Caniche, Killerfish, Operation Dance Sensation, Satanico Pandemonium, Death Wish, Garden of Love, Nightbeast, Soldier Blue, Seven Deaths in the Cat's Eye, End Play, House of Voices, Prehistoric Women, Death Run, Satan's Black Wedding and many more! Plus: Uncut Update: International DVD and Video reviews, Latest BBFC cuts list.

Technical Details

Size: 297mm x 210mm

Binding: Magazine

Extent: 56 pages, including 8 pages in full colour

Publication Date: June 2006

Market: Cinema

Weight: 255g

Cover Price: £6.95

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