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Cinema Sewer 28

Product Details

  • Manufacturer Robin Bougie
  • Stock Level In stock

Utterly unique, utterly depraved! Unbelievably scuzzy and outrageous hand-lettered old-skool zine that knows no bounds in its quest to unearth the rotting remnants of exploitation cinema's darkest and most keenly guarded secrets. With a special place in its heart for the sleazy seventies, this magazine is strictly for sale to adults only!

WOW! Cinema Sewer is here again for it's annual shit-disturbing party! Have a drink and put on a party hat, this shin-dig is going allllll niiiiiight!

Dirty Danny Hellman again supplied the cover for this issue. Check it out, he did an illustration of 1970s and 80s smut magazine photographer, Johnny Castano! Never heard of him? Me either until a couple of years ago! I rip the lid off the behind the scenes world of adult magazine photography in this exclusive look at Castano's life and times!

Other highlights in this big 46 page issue include: An interview with 1980s porn starlet Ginger Lynn, a spotlight on the forgotten anal princess Lili Marlene, an ode to C.J. Laing, an interview with Casey Scott about the nature of film fandom and porn history, an insightful look into the fabricated history of 'the fluffer' on porn movie sets, and more cult/exploitation film reviews than you can shake a turd at! Yes, it's another do-not-miss release from the house of (disreputable) ideas! DON'T MISS THIS ISSUE!

Technical Details

Size: 260mm x 170mm

Binding: Magazine

Extent: 46 pages

Publication Date: February 2015

Weight: 105g

Cover Price: $5.00

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