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Product Details

  • Manufacturer Redemption (US)
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The lives of reclusive lesbian lovers, Jessica and Josephine, are thrown into turmoil upon meeting a strange man named Anders. Pleased to see another human face, Jessica invites him to stay with them in their remote country cottage. But tensions rise as the man-hating Josephine grows jealous and strange, brutal deaths occur in the surrounding countryside. Directed by the acclaimed cult horror director Norman J. Warren, Prey is a graphic and horrifying sci-fi promising torrid lesbian sex, cannibalistic feasts and a canine-like alien in search of a food source!

Director: Norman J. Warren

Cast: Barry Stokes, Sally Faulkner, Glory Annen, Sandy Chinney, Eddie Stacey, Jerry Crampton.


  • Audio commentary with the director
  • Interview with the director, Norman J. Warren
  • Interview with lead actress, Sally Faulkner
  • Interview with editor and producer, Alan Jones
  • Stills gallery
  • Redemption trailers


Technical Details

BBFC Rating: 18

System: NTSC

Region: All Regions

Year: 1977

Language: English


Weight: 105g

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