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Plot of Fear (DVD)

Product Details

  • Manufacturer Raro Video (US)
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Reminiscent of EYES WIDE SHUT and told through ingenious flashbacks, PLOT OF FEAR tells the story of a decadent weekend party full of orgies and drugs on the outskirts of Milan. After two deaths occur Inspector Lomenzo (Michele Placido) interrogates one of the guests, a fashion model (Corninne Clery) who becomes his informant. Clery reveals that after a wildlife orgy one of the hosts tried to jokingly feed one of the prostitutes to a tiger but she got so frightened that she died of heart attack. In his attempt to find a connection between the victims a connection is established through what is soon to be the killers calling card.

Director: Paolo Cavara

Cast: Michele Placido, Corinne Clery, Eddy Fay, Quinto Parmeggiani, Jhon Steiner [John Steiner], Tom Skerrit, Eli Wallach, Giorgio Gargiullo, Eleonora Vivaldi, Guidarino Guidi, Enzo Robutti, Mary Ruth League, Susy Radaelli, Danila Grassini, Bianca Toso, Claudio Zucchet, Mirella Giraldi, Maria Rosa La Fauci, Maria Tedeschi, Mario Mercalli, Giuseppe Rodolfo Dal Prà.


  • Interview with Enrico Oldoini (screenwriter)
  • Interview with Pietro Cavara (son of Paolo Cavara)
  • Interview with Michele Placido (actor)
  • New and improved English subtitles
  • New HD transfer and digitally restored
  • BONUS ROM Content: A PDF fully illustrated booklet containing critical analysis of the film by Chris Alexander, Fangoria Magazine

    Technical Details

    BBFC Rating: 18

    System: NTSC

    Region: All Regions

    Year: 1976

    Language: Italian, English

    Subtitles: English

    Weight: 105g

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