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Night of the Devils (Blu-ray)

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  • Manufacturer Raro Video (US)
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Italian genre film legend Gianni Garko stars in this terrifying masterpiece of the macabre, based on Tolstoy's story The Wurdulak, itself previously adapted in Mario Bava's Black Sabbath. A nameless mentally ill man (Garko) is found wandering in the woods, his mind lost in fever dreams of gruesome, sexual imagery. After admitted into a psychiatric hospital, the man flashes back to his nightmarish encounter with a backwoods family whose dynasty holds a centuries old curse. What follows is a night of unrelenting horror. Music by Giorgio Gaslini, composer of scores from films by Dario Argento and Michelangelo Antonioni and special effects by Carlo Rambaldi known for his special effects on E.T. Atmospheric and gory, Night of the Devils is a Eurohorror classic not to be missed.

Director: Giorgio Ferroni

Cast: Gianni Garko, Agostina Belli, Mark Roberts, Cinzia De Carolis, Teresa Gimpera, William Vanders, Umberto Raho, Luis Suarez, Sabrina Tamborra, Rosa Toros, Stefano Oppedisano, Maria Monti.


  • New HD Transfer
  • Video interview with Chris Alexander, Fangoria Magazine
  • New and improved English subtitle translation
  • A fully illustrated booklet on genesis and production of the film
  • A video interview with composer Giorgio Gaslini


Technical Details

BBFC Rating: 18

System: 1080p High Definition

Region: All Regions

Year: 1972

Language: English, Italian

Subtitles: English

Weight: 105g

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