Little Shoppe of Horrors No. 27

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Little Shoppe of Horrors No. 27

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"TO DANCE WITH VAMPIRES - ROMAN POLANSKI'S HOMAGE TO FAIRY TALES, FANGS, HUMOR AND FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS!" - Director Roman Polanski and producer Gene Gutowski talk about the making, behind the scenes and editing & distribution intrigue of FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS (DANCE OF THE VAMPIRES in England and Europe). It was a multi-million dollar comedy vampire film that is loved by millions of people today. But in its time, fought the poor distribution and editing in the U.S.A. by MGM. But it was a favorite time for Polanski and Gutowski, in swinging London in the 1960s and Polanski was to fall in love with and marry the star, Sharon Tate. (Article by Philip Nutman. Research by Constantine Nasr.)

  • "DANCING WITH THE MASTER" - Roman Polanski remembers his Fearless Vampire Killers. Interviewed by Constantine Nasr.
  • "HE PRODUCED THE VAMPIRE'S DANCE" - Gene Gutowski interviewed by Constantine Nasr.
  • "SARAH DANCED WITH THE VAMPIRES" - Sharon Tate article by Terry Pace.
  • "COUNT KROLOCK - MASTER OF THE VAMPIRE'S DANCE" - Ferdy Mayne interviewed by David DelValle.
  • "SERVING WENCH TO A VAMPIRE'S DANCE" - Fiona Lewis interviewed by David DelValle.
  • "COMPOSER FOR A VAMPIRE'S DANCE." - Krzysztof Komeda. Article by Randall Larson.
  • "DANCE OF THE VAMPIRES (The Musicals)" - Articles by Bruce G. ("gore") Hallenbeck and Doug Murray.
  • "MGM Borehamwood Studios" - Article by Paul Welsh.
  • "A History of Horror Film Fanzines" - BIZARRE (from Sam Irvin).
  • All our regular columns. Page of letters to LSoH, fanzine and book reviews.


Technical Details

Size: 275mm x 205mm

Binding: Magazine

Extent: 100 pages

Publication Date: October 2011

Market: Horror

Weight: 255g

Cover Price: $8.95

Product CodeSP284
ManufacturerRichard Klemensen

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