Cinema Sewer 25

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Cinema Sewer 25

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Utterly unique, utterly depraved! Unbelievably scuzzy and outrageous hand-lettered old-skool zine that knows no bounds in its quest to unearth the rotting remnants of exploitation cinema's darkest and most keenly guarded secrets. With a special place in its heart for the sleazy seventies, this magazine is strictly for sale to adults only!

This is another excellent issue of a 44 page length, with full color glossy covers and newsprint interiors, just like they used to do it at New York's Screw Magazine, baby! OLD SKOOL. Some of the exciting things to expect here are:

A giant fully illustrated and mostly comprehensive guide to the highlights (and lowlights) of the Nazispoitation movies by author David Hinds! Thus the prison camp cover!

Breakneck Thrills: A guide to incredible daredevil documentaries of the 1970s! Evil Knievel, Ken Carter, Grant Page! All the greats! You won't want to miss this, thrill-seekers, because the bodies are on fire and being hurtled through the air with no regard for the sanctity of life!

A Cinema Sewer Hall of fame induction for the amazing miss Roberta Pedon! Oh she of the giant knockers and sad tragic life. Read on and be amazed!

The Legend of the Orgasm Bike! Only in Japan would they put a half a dozen tiny cameras on a bike designed to give cute women orgasms, and then send them out to roll around the crowed streets of Tokyo to squirt in public! Only Cinema Sewer has the review of this insane rarity, kids!

Mike Sullivan reviews the crazy beer advertising that the Fred and Barney of The Flintstones did in the late 60s, and you'll feel drunk just reading it!

Ian Jane uncovers a bizarre classic adult rarity called Sex in the Comics where actors dress up in overtly creepy masks and costumes, pretend to be in 1950s comic strips, and have disturbing sex! God, the early 70s were a strange time!

Giant illustrated reviews of Tokyo Decadence, Bare Behind Bars, Sissy's Hot Summer, LA Femme Objet, Sunset Strip, Streets of Fire, Rage, Fighting Mad, Megaforce, Disk-0-Tek Holiday, The Perils of Gwendoline, Maid in Sweden, The House by the Lake, Angels, and more!

Technical Details

Size: 260mm x 170mm

Binding: Magazine

Extent: 44 pages

Publication Date: March 2012

Weight: 105g

Cover Price: $4.00

Product CodeSP309
ManufacturerRobin Bougie
Stock Level3

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