Shock Cinema 43

Shock Cinema 43
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Shock Cinema is an essential guide for any fan of bizarre films and videos, and each issue is crammed with movie reviews, interviews and original poster art. Plus, Shock Cinema covers everything a self-respecting film-junkie could possibly desire - from Cult Movies and Arthouse Oddities, to old fashioned Drive-In Swill and Underground Obscurities. Read Shock Cinema to find out about the weirdest, wildest (and in most cases, barely released) films ever made... Blaxploitation, Sexploitation, Demented Art Films, Women In Prison, Horror, Sci-Fi, Porno Weirdness, Musical Misfires, Mondo Movies, and everything else in between. It's all here!

The latest issue features interviews with: Actor Chris Elliott (Cabin Boy, Groundhog Day, There's Something About Mary), actor Bruce Davison (Willard, The Strawberry Statement, Ulzana's Raid, Last Summer), actor Steve Railsback (The Stunt Man, Helter Skelter, Lifeforce, Ed Gein), actor Ian Ogilvy (Witchfinder General, Return of the Saint, Wuthering Heights). actress O-Lan Jones (Edward Scissorhands, The Truman Show, Shelf Life). There are also dozens of informative film, DVD and book reviews, including Bulle Ogier and Pierre Clementi in the trippy musical Les Idoles, Mark IV Pictures' preachy, boy-meets-bear melodrama A Stranger in My Forest, Scott Jacoby and Britt Ekland in Baxter!, a pair of early Martin Scorsese credits - Pim de la Parra's Netherlands psychodrama Possessed [Bezeten, a.k.a. Obessions] and John Mavros' NYC underground feature Reflections, Arthur Kennedy and Tom Selleck search for arsonist Warren Oates in The Movie Murderer, Jackie Mason stars in John G. Avildsen's The Stoolie, Richard Griffin's exploitation duet, The Disco Exorcist and Atomic Brain Invasion, Carroll Baker in Marco Ferreri's The Harem, Richard Boone and Randy Quaid in The Great Niagara, tongue-in-cheek crime tale with an all-child cast, Hawk Jones, Damon Packard's Foxfur, Richard Lynch in The Deltz Fox, David Peel: Rock'N'Roll Outlaw, John Hawkes in Daniel Erickson's Scary Movie, Yuri Kiyashko's The Performance For... [Predstavlenie Dlya...], Ernest Borgnine in Who Killed the Mysterious Mr. Foster?, Mike Trippiedi's indie Amber Rose, Darren Ward's gory crime drama A Day of Violence, Sonny Chiba goes feral in Wolfguy: Enraged Lycanthrope, Peter Haskell and Sheree North in The Cloning of Clifford Swimmer, Anthony Hopkins turns action hero in When Eight Bells Toll, Oliver Tobias, Ernest Borgnine and Henry Silva in The Last Match, James Mason, Geraldine Chaplin and Ian Ogilvy in Cop-Out, the evils of ",public relations firms", are exposed in The Naked Road, Burt Lancaster in The Midnight Man, a French boy is menaced by a maniaical Santa Claus in Game Over [36.15 Code Pere Noel], Peter Finch and Linda Hayden in Something to Hide, Elizabeth Taylor in the U.S./Russian mega-bomb The Blue Bird, the 1956 Hungarian Uprising is the backdrop for The Beast of Budapest, Fernando Di Leo's Madness, Andrzej Kotkowski's In an Old Manor House or The Independence of Triangles, Paul Anka as a teenage voyeur in Look in Any Window, Dean Martin and Brian Keith in Something Big, Dolph Lundgren in Red Scorpion, James Bickert's underground bikerama Dear God No!, Matthew Patrick's dystopian parable Graffiti, Al Adamson's Sunset Cove, sexploitation auteur Joe Sarno's Inga, The Seduction of Inga and The Indelicate Balance, and more...

Technical Details

Size: 280mm x 215mm

Binding: Magazine

Extent: 48 pages

Publication Date: November 2012

Market: Cinema

Weight: 255g

Cover Price: $5.00

Product CodeSP334
ManufacturerSteve Puchalski
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