Shock Cinema 42

Shock Cinema 42
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Shock Cinema is an essential guide for any fan of bizarre films and videos, and each issue is crammed with movie reviews, interviews and original poster art. Plus, Shock Cinema covers everything a self-respecting film-junkie could possibly desire - from Cult Movies and Arthouse Oddities, to old fashioned Drive-In Swill and Underground Obscurities. Read Shock Cinema to find out about the weirdest, wildest (and in most cases, barely released) films ever made... Blaxploitation, Sexploitation, Demented Art Films, Women In Prison, Horror, Sci-Fi, Porno Weirdness, Musical Misfires, Mondo Movies, and everything else in between. It's all here!

The latest issue features interviews with: Actor Bo Hopkins (The Wild Bunch, American Graffiti, The Getaway, Midnight Express), actor Gary Lockwood (2001: A Space Odyssey, They Came to Rob Las Vegas, Firecreek), actor Alex Cord (The Brotherhood, Synanon, Stiletto, The Last Grenade, Airwolf), actor William Katt (Big Wednesday, Carrie, The Greatest American Hero, First Love), actress Marki Bey (Sugar Hill, Hangup, The Landlord, Starsky & Hutch). There are also dozens of informative film, DVD and book reviews, including Melissa Sue Anderson and Robert Carradine in Jack Starrett's The Survival of Dana, Judy Geeson and Roy Dotrice in the Danish psychodrama One of Those Things, Robert D. West's killer-children indie The Wednesday Children, Adam Roarke and Neville Brand in This Is a Hijack, Kim Willoughby in the New Zealand punk/new wave love story Tearaway [a.k.a. Queen City Rocker], Stella Stevens and John Saxon in Jack Smight's Linda, Charles Bonet kicks serious ass in Robert Warmflash's no-budget martial-arts romp Death Promise, the Hungarian children's fantasy Grandpa Chillie Challa [A Varázsló], Ricky Shayne in The Battle of the Mods, the cut-rate, hippie-sexploitation double-bill Psychedelicsex Kicks and Wild Hippie Orgy, Piotr Szulkin's bleak science-fiction vision, The War of the Worlds: Next Century, Bert Convy in the tennis-themed sex-comedy Racquet, William Smith in Bloods & Guts, Juan Palomino in Nicanor Loreti's Diablo, John Loder in The Brighton Strangler, Billy Gilbert and Shemp Howard in Crazy Knights, Albert Pyun's hilariously awful Tales of an Ancient Empire, Janusz Kondratiuk's Carmilla, John D. Lamond's Down Under exploitation duet, Australia After Dark and The ABC's of Love and Sex, Australian Style, Attack the Gas Station 2, Scott Spiegel's grocery-store slasherama Intruder, Shelley Winters and a cross-dressing Max von Sydow in Mauro Bolognini's Gran Bollito, Rip Torn as poet Walt Whitman in Song of Myself, director Klaus Hoffmeyer's mega-dose of Danish surrealism, The Hash Tree [Hashtræet], Patrick Macnee, Connie Stevens and Marty Allen in Mister Jerico, Xaviera Hollander in the Canada-lensed sex-comedy My Pleasure Is My Business, Peter Boyle and Scott Jacoby in the made-for-TV drama The Man Who Could Talk to Kids, Ben Gazzara and Paul Winfield in High Velocity, William Burke's retro-sexploitation outing Sweet Prudence & the Erotic Adventure of Bigfoot, the French-Chinese fantasy-travelogue The Magic of the Kite, Gerard Damiano's Teenie Tulip, Klaus Kinski writes, directs and stars in Paganini, Aaron Stielstra, Brett Halsey and Dan Van Husan in the microbudget-western The Scarlet Worm, Will Keenan in director Trent Haaga's Chop, Jim Feazil's Psycho from Texas, Raymond Massey in Black Limelight, Sergei Paradjanov's children's fantasy Andriesch, Elske McCain in Matthew Reel's Jessicka Rabid, Zoran Zivkovic's surreal Serbian sci-fi/fantasy The Collector [Sakupljac], Christopher George and Tippi Hedren in Tiger By the Tail, Clara Bow in Call Her Savage, Bruce Lee and I, Stefania Sandrelli in Crime of Love [Delitto d'amore], Celine Danhier's underground-cinema documentary Blank City, Captain Cosmotic, and more...

Technical Details

Size: 280mm x 215mm

Binding: Magazine

Extent: 48 pages

Publication Date: May 2012

Market: Cinema

Weight: 255g

Cover Price: $5.00

Product CodeSP313
ManufacturerSteve Puchalski
Stock Level2

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