Shock Cinema 40

Shock Cinema 40
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Shock Cinema is an essential guide for any fan of bizarre films and videos, and each issue is crammed with movie reviews, interviews and original poster art. Plus, Shock Cinema covers everything a self-respecting film-junkie could possibly desire - from Cult Movies and Arthouse Oddities, to old fashioned Drive-In Swill and Underground Obscurities. Read Shock Cinema to find out about the weirdest, wildest (and in most cases, barely released) films ever made... Blaxploitation, Sexploitation, Demented Art Films, Women In Prison, Horror, Sci-Fi, Porno Weirdness, Musical Misfires, Mondo Movies, and everything else in between. It's all here!

The latest issue features interviews with: Actor Clint Walker (The Dirty Dozen, Cheyenne, The Night of the Grizzly, Killdozer), actress Louisa Moritz (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Death Race 2000, The Last American Virgin), actor Aubrey Morris (A Clockwork Orange, The Wicker Man, Blood from the Mummy's Tomb), actor James McEachin (Play Misty for Me, Fuzz, The Black Klansman, Tenafly), actor Roger Ward (Mad Max, Stone, Turkey Shoot, The Man from Hong Kong). There are also dozens of informative film, DVD and book reviews, covering such titles as Robert Reed as an obscene phone-caller in The Secret Night Caller, beatnik Oliver Reed in The Party's Over, Perry Benson in Alan Clarke's Stars of the Roller State Disco, Walon Green's pseudo-science plant-documentary The Secret Life of Plants, Young Americans, Jean Tourane's all-animal fantasy The Secret of Magic Island, Risto Jarva's Finnish science-fiction tale A Time of Roses, Elliott Gould and Robert Mitchum in the boxing-kangaroo fiasco Matilda, Don Stroud in Explosion, get baked with Aphrodisiac! The Sexual Secret of Marijuana, Faye Dunaway and Frank Langella in René Clément's The Deadly Trap, Richard Conte in The Sleeping City, Michael Parks in Love and the Midnight Auto Supply, Jans Rautenbach's South African psychodrama Jannie Totsiens, Osama Tezuka's Unico in the Island of Magic, Ken Gampu and Nigel Davenport in Death of a Snowman, Pedro Olea's The Ancines Woods [El bosque del lobo], David A. Prior's Sledgehammer, Alex Cox's Repo Chick, Why Lie? I Need a Drink, Michael Knight, Nancy Travis, Greg Germann, and Viggo Mortensen in High School Narc, Breaking NYC Style and Let's Break, Mare Winningham and Hal Holbrook in the David Chase-scripted Off the Minnesota Strip, James Russo in Candy Store, the Canadian hippie-sexploitation romp Loving and Laughing, Clive Owen and David Thewlis in Vroom, Leonard Jackson in Super Spook, Keir Dullea in Paperback Hero, Anthony Quinn in Flap, Zoltán Fábri's The Boys of Paul Street, Greg Hanson and Casey Regan's Thy Kill Be Done, Tim Burstall's End Play, Al Smead in Courtney Angell's Smead, Mimsy Farmer in The Perfume of the Lady in Black, Journey Into the Beyond, Robert Benayoun's Paris n'existe pas, George Peppard in Newman's Law, Strip Tease Murder, Iwona Petry in Andrzej Zulawski's Szamanka, Awesome Lotus, Mistress of the Martial Arts, Phil Hall in Uncorked, Rustam Khamdamov's Ann Karamazoff, George Peppard in "P.J.", Driller: A Sexual Thriller, Rolfe Kanefsky's There's Nothing Out There, Antonello Giallo's Pleasures of the Damned, and many more...

Technical Details

Size: 280mm x 215mm

Binding: Magazine

Extent: 48 pages

Publication Date: June 2011

Market: Cinema

Weight: 255g

Cover Price: $5.00

Product CodeSP274
ManufacturerSteve Puchalski
Stock Level4

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