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Scala Cinema Book Level 2

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  • Manufacturer FAB Press
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Please help us to fund the publication of a gorgeous, oversized and very entertaining picture book about the Scala cinema, based on its iconic programmes by pre-ordering here.




PLEASE CLICK HERE to check out all 6 Levels before making your choice


LEVEL 2 - Divine Double

The Collector's Edition of the book, gold embossed on a black cloth cover in a stunningly designed heavy duty protective slipcase. If we reach our goal, this slip-cased special edition of the Scala Cinema book will never be re-issued and will be a collector's item superior to the basic Level 1 book PLUS you get your name printed at the back of the book!

Items Included

  • The Scala book in its slipcase
  • Your name printed in the book

THIS IS A PRE-ORDER: Estimated Delivery September 2018


The most infamous and influential of all repertory cinemas, the Scala’s iconic programmes tell their own unique story about culture and society between 1978-1993, a post-punk / pre-internet period of significant change. 2018 marks the 40th anniversary of the first Scala programme and the 25th anniversary of the cinema's closure, an ideal time to take stock of a legacy which includes many of today’s most exciting filmmakers who’ve credited the Scala’s influence on their work.

Because this fantastic book is large format and fully illustrated with all 178 of the Scala’s monthly programmes from 1978-1993, third-party production costs are very high. No ordinary publisher would touch it with a bargepole because they think it’s a risky niche subject with not enough profit for them. But the Scala was never about making a profit, and I know there are enough people out there who really got it and can help make this dream of a book a reality. The only way we can possibly afford to publish this book is with YOUR help, so please click the link to our Indiegogo campaign when it goes live, and join with the crowd in funding this history-making publication... and don't forget to tell your friends about it!


About the Scala
The Scala was launched by Stephen Woolley out of the ashes of a defunct socialist collective on the site of an ancient concert hall and theatre in Fitzrovia. Pushed out of its premises by the arrival of Channel 4 television in 1981, the Scala moved to the Primatarium, a former picture palace and one-time rock venue in King’s Cross. A lone operator, the Scala closed down in mid-1993, following a perfect storm of lease expiry, the financial ravages of the recession, the redevelopment of the local area … and a devastating court case.

About the Author
Jane Giles started going to the Scala when she was 17, and was programme manager there from 1988-1992. A film exhibitor and distributor, she is the author of books The Cinema of Jean Genet, Criminal Desires and The Crying Game (BFI Modern Classics) in addition to writing for the Guardian, Time Out, Sight & Sound and others.

About the Publisher
Harvey Fenton was a regular at the Scala during its final 5 years. He attributes the Scala for transforming his curiosity about off-beat cinema into a full-blown obsession that directly led to the formation of his company FAB Press, specialists in high-end quality cinema books for cult connoisseurs. He recently collaborated with Nicolas Winding Refn to publish The Act of Seeing, and is the official publisher for leading UK genre specialists FrightFest. He has designed the Indiegogo campaign for the Scala book whilst simultaneously carrying out layout work on the next FAB Press publication, Renegade Westerns.


Technical Details

Trimmed Page Size: 370mm x 295mm

Binding: Hardback

Extent: 400 pages, fully illustrated throughout in colour


Publication Date: September 2018

Market: Cinema

Weight: 5005g

Edition: First Edition

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