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Sinful Nuns of St. Valentine, The (Blu-ray)

Product Details

  • Manufacturer Redemption (US)
  • Stock Level In stock

Set during the Inquisition, an innocent boy accused of heresy seeks refuge in the convent where her intolerant father has sent his girlfriend. The Abbess, who pretends to assist the young man, turns out to be an insatiable sadist who tortures her and then charges and accuses the innocent girlfriend of murder after the brutal death of her cellmate.

Director: Sergio Grieco

Cast: Françoise Prevost, Jenny Tamburi [Luciana Della Robbia], Paolo Malco, Franco Ressel, Corrado Gaipa, Gino Rocchetti, Pieri Anchiso, Calisto Calisti, Alda Martano, Bruna Beani, Barbara Herrera, Maria Luisa Sala, Adriana Facchetti, Dada Gallotti, Cinzia Greco, Eleonora Spinelli, Attilio Dottesio, Teresa Passante, Carla Mancini.


  • Mastered in HD from the original 35mm negative
  • Italian with optional English subtitles
  • Original trailers of other Redemption releases


Technical Details

BBFC Rating: 18

System: 1080p High Definition

Region: All Regions

Year: 1974

Language: Italian

Subtitles: English

Weight: 105g

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