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Nightmare City (Blu-ray)

Product Details

  • Manufacturer Raro Video (US)
  • Stock Level In stock

Using a new high-definition transfer struck from the original 35mm negative, Umberto Lenzi's zombie shocker Nightmare City stars actor Hugo Stiglitz as a reporter caught in a living, breathing zombie hell. When an airplane comes into contact with radiation from a nuclear disaster it causes the passengers to mutate into scabby-faced humanoids with a compulsion to kill and drink the blood of their victims. As the zombies move into the city and beyond, will anyone or anything be able to stop the wave of bloody death and disease that threatens to decimate mankind?

Director: Umberto Lenzi

Cast: Hugo Stiglitz, Laura Trotter, Maria Rosaria Omaggio, Francisco Rabal, Sonia Viviani, Eduardo Fajardo, Stefania D'Amario, Ugo Bologna, Sara Franchetti, Manolo Zarzo, Tom Felleghi, Pierangelo Civera, Achille Belletti, Mel Ferrer.


  • An interview with Umberto Lenzi (49:27)
  • Original English trailer (3:45)
  • Original Italian trailer (3:45)
  • A fully illustrated booklet on the genesis and production of the film by Chris Alexander, Fangoria Magazine
  • New HD Transfer - Digitally restored
  • New and improved English subtitle translation


Technical Details

BBFC Rating: 18

System: 1080p High Definition

Region: All Regions

Year: 1980

Language: English, Italian

Subtitles: English

Weight: 105g

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