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Hallucination Strip (Blu-ray)

Product Details

  • Manufacturer Raro Video (US)
  • Stock Level In stock

Lucio Marcaccini's only film, HALLUCINATION STRIP is a psychedelic trip with a social commentary. Bud Cort (Harold & Maude) plays Massimo Monaldi, a student involved in political protests and juvenile delinquency. When Massimo steals a valuable tobacco box, he quickly becomes tangled in a dangerous web between the police and the mafia.

Culminating in an extended and elaborately choreographed party sequence, underscored with an excellent soundtrack by Alberto Verrecchia, HALLUCINATION STRIP excels with its not-so-subtle mix of sex, drugs, religion, politics and corruption.

Director: Lucio Marcaccini

Cast: Bud Cort, Marcel Bozzuffi, Guido Alberti, Ennio Balbo, Tom Felleghy, Francesco Ferracini, Anna Zinnemann, Luca Bonicalzi, Patrizia Gori, Pino Luce, Walter Manfredi, Rossella Or, Graziella Scotese, Settimio Segnatelli, Leopoldo Trieste, Maurizio Arena.


  • New HD Transfer, Digitally restored
  • New and improved English subtitle translation
  • Video interview with the Film Editor Giulio Berruti
  • Original Italian theatrical trailer
  • Original English theatrical trailer
  • Fully illustrated booklet by Nocturno Cinema

Technical Details

BBFC Rating: 18

System: 1080p High Definition

Region: All Regions

Year: 1975

Language: Italian, English

Subtitles: English

Weight: 105g

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