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Is It Uncut? 23

Product Details

  • Manufacturer Midnight Media
  • Stock Level In stock

New Look Issue! Is It Uncut? issue 23 reviews the following exploitation films: Broken, Jaws of Satan, Plane Dead, Crazy Lips, Final Terror, Naboer, Le trio infernal, Scared, Fantacide, Assassination, Gravedancers, Skin Stripperess, Detour, Girl Slaves of Morgana le Fay, Isolation, In a Dark Place, Creature from the Hillbilly Lagoon, Getting Even, Craze, Breaking Point, Shadow Dead Riot, Lemming, A Scream in the Streets, Blood Beach and many more! Plus: Don't Go in the House director Joseph Ellison interviewed, Uncut Update: DVD News from around the world, Latest BBFC cuts list.

Technical Details

Size: 297mm x 210mm

Binding: Magazine

Extent: 56 pages, including 8 pages in full colour

Publication Date: November 2007

Market: Cinema

Weight: 255g

Cover Price: £6.95

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