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Is It Uncut? 21

Product Details

  • Manufacturer Midnight Media
  • Stock Level In stock

Is It Uncut? issue 21 reviews the following exploitation films: Camp Slaughter, Race with the Devil, Lurking Fear, Sign of the Gladiator, Evil Aliens, Agbako, Don't Deliver Us from Evil, The Horror of Party Beach, Chinese Hercules, Beyond Darkness, Garden of Love, Lulu, Zombie Honeymoon, Tower of Evil, Eyes of Crystal, Supervivientes de los Andes, Lady in a Cage, Bare Behind Bars, Seven Golden Men, Death Wish II, Special Silencers, The Sabata Trilogy, Justino un asesino de la tercera edad, House of Seven Corpses, Black Magic Rites, Slaughterhouse, Impulse, Dead & Breakfast, Crawlspace, Graverobbers and many more! Plus: Uncut Update: International DVD and Video reviews, Latest BBFC cuts list.

Technical Details

Size: 297mm x 210mm

Binding: Magazine

Extent: 56 pages, including 8 pages in full colour

Publication Date: November 2006

Market: Cinema

Weight: 255g

Cover Price: £6.95

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