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Flirt (paperback)
Sensual, Wild & Sexy Pin-ups

Product Details

  • Author Isabelle Stephen
  • Manufacturer Isabelle Stephen
  • Stock Level In stock

Flirt is a pin-up book featuring the work of artists from all around the world (Canada, U.S.A., Turkey, Egypt, Finland, Madagascar) united to give us their own perception of the pin-up, some using realism, others using a more cartoonish style, while others prefer to express themselves in a more underground fashion.

Includes the work of the following exceptional talents:
Didier Arpin, Jerome Bailly, Louis-Herve Barichard, Jimmy Beaulieu, Kurt Beaulieu, Sv Bell, Jacques Boivin, Bonhomme, Rupert Bottenberg, Eric Braun, Francois Caille, Donald Caron, Chris Deno, Stephane Dumais, Deniz Erbaz, Mostafa Fahmy, Eric Gagnon, Richard Gagnon, Louis-Rene Gauthier, Luc Giard, Ben Godbout, Fred Grivaud, Sebastien Guimond, Marc Jette, Raoul Ketchup, Leonard Kirk, Thierry Labrosse, Louis Lachance, Michel Lacombe, Michele LaFramboise, Laporte, Nicolas Leou, David Lessard, Li-Ann, Didier Mada BD, Berny Mireault, Gabriel Morrissette, Yanick Paquette, Andre Poliquin, Edward Reed, Bernard Reischl, Steve Reqin, Robert Rivard, Denis Rodier, Jack Ruttan, David St. Martin, Julie Salkowski, Sam Salgood, Clement Sauve, Brad Simpson, Sirkowski, Slap, Martin Stone, Richard Suicide, Eric Theriault, Jason B. Thompson, Rick Trembles, Francois Turbide, Vain, Juha Vuorma, Mack White, Mike Wolfer

Technical Details

Size: 268mm x 203mm

Binding: Paperback

Extent: 134 pages

Publication Date: 2001

Market: Art / Culture

Weight: 405g

Edition: First Edition

Cover Price: $12.50

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